MODULE 1: Idea 

IDEAS HACKATHON will take place at the beginning of the program (March) and will explore the issues in local communities that need to be tackled, current solutions used and more.

During this Hackathon Social Impact business model canvas will be introduced and customers segments will be identified. This is also the time when individual strengths are identified and teams are formed.

The weeks following the Hackathon, our youth will focus on human-centered design process, conduct deep market research, design solutions, test assumptions, iterate as needed, all done while being guided by the team of the experts.

MODULE 2: Business Model

Business Model Hackathon will take place during the week of  Silicon Valley Open Doors, a prominent Bay Area technology investment conference (May). This multi day event will include a pitch workshop, mentorship sessions, and will open an opportunity for our youth to mingle with prominent Bay Area entrepreneurs, VCs and corporate leaders in formal and informal settings to further refine the sustainable business model of their solutions.

During 6 mos following the event, at our weekly meetings, youths will be able to plan for business success and pilot their projects. They will get a chance to roll the sleeves and work in their own communities, testing their solutions with civic, nonprofit and corporate partners. Weekly meetings will ensure the teams stick to their timelines, all gaps are addressed (technology, financial resources, etc), feedback is collected, iteration is done if needed.

module 3: Social Impact

Social Impact Youth Summit Hackathon (November) will focus on refining solutions and getting ready for the presentations at the Summit.

The 10 mos program will culminate in presentations of sustainable solutions to a large audience of peers, entrepreneurs, business and civic leaders at the Social Impact Youth Summit (November) and with follow up meetings with interested parties to further test or implement the proposed solutions.

The annual Gooddler Social Impact Youth Summit is a vibrant forum for university and high-school student leaders advancing global development to learn, challenge, grow, and connect with a global community of the changemakers.




Inspire youth to become a part of a solution to the most pressing global issues.


To provide youth with an awareness of and exposure to social entrepreneurship: How to see problems as opportunities

To present a wide spectrum of social challenges, share effective strategies and innovative methods of solving them

To connect the next generation of entrepreneurs, educators, activists, philanthropists, impact investors, and innovators