Youth in USA: Identifying and addressing the needs of local communities

Example: Social Impact Youth Incubator
Partners: Institute of Evolutionary Leadership

MODULE 1. Inspire to lead:

Identify strengths and know how to use them. Strength-based Leadership Development. 

MODULE 2. Generate Idea:

Ideas Hackathon - explore the issues in local communities and find solutions. 

During this Hackathon Social Impact business model canvas will be introduced and customers segments will be identified. This is also the time when individual strengths are identified and teams are formed. The weeks following the Hackathon, our youth will focus on identifying the needs of local communities, researching solutions that are currently in place, talking to all stakeholders, etc. The goal is to come up with innovative ideas for further testing.


MODULE 3. Design Solution:

This module is all about Human-centered design process and will include a deep market research, designing solutions, testing assumptions, iterating as needed, all done while being guided by the team of the experts. Weekly meetings will ensure the teams stick to their timelines, all gaps are addressed (technology, financial resources, etc), feedback is collected, iteration is done if needed.

Our youth will get an opportunity to mingle with prominent Bay Area entrepreneurs, VCs, corporate and civic leaders in formal and informal settings to further refine the sustainable business model of their solutions.

MODULE 4. Go to market:

Provide a blueprint for delivering a product or service to the end customer.  Actually getting a product to market growing the userbase and getting traction. Learning from actual product usage and adapting pricing for profitability (or other key objectives).

Youth will get a chance to roll the sleeves and work in their own communities, testing their solutions with civic, nonprofit and corporate partners.

MODULE 5. Pitch in front of investors:

Identify your investors, analyze their investment style. Prepare presentation. Pitch to investors.


  • Silicon Valley Open Doors Conference - Mingle with startup founders, business people and investors to learn about an entrepreneurship and to create life-changing connections. Some of the participants of the program will get a chance to pitch their projects to a panel of investors at the Conference.
  • Demo Days. Presentations of proposed solutions to the audience of philanthropists, social impact investors, and global civic and corporate leaders.
  • Gooddler Social Impact Youth Summit, co-hosted with the United Nations. The annual Gooddler Social Impact Youth Summit is a vibrant forum for university and high-school student leaders advancing global development to learn, challenge, grow, and connect with a global community of the changemakers. 
  • ECOSOC Youth Forum (United Nations, New York HQ).
    Members of the Gooddler Leadership Cohort will be invited to attend the UN HQ in New York to participate at the ECOSOC Youth Forum.


When: October 20, 2018 - May 31, 2019

(all dates are subject to change and will be confirmed at the acceptance to the program)

Time commitment:

  • 4 intensive in-person training sessions (1-2 days each)
    Must be able to attend at least 3), weekly virtual meetings by teams led by expert advisors, independent work 6+ hours/week.
  • SVOD Conference, May 2019 (optional). Selected projects will get a chance to pitch to a panel of high profile impact investors at the Conference.
  • Social Impact Youth Summit, October 20, 21, 2018 
  • ECOSOC Youth Forum (United Nations, New York HQ), January 2019. (Gooddler Leadership Cohort)


Multiple locations, Silicon Valley, California, US


No tech experience is needed.


$1900/per person (covers lunches during face-to-face sessions, all materials, and other resources).
Scholarships are available upon request.


Leadership Cohort:


Youth with some formal or informal leadership experience (a president of a club, a founder of a business, etc)


An executive leadership training, one-on-one coaching and mentoring; co-facilitation of Gooddler youth programs around Bay Area; attending the UN working sessions in NY as a Gooddler Intern; participation in meetings of an organizing committee of the Social Impact panel at the Silicon Valley Open Doors Conference in May 2019.

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Inspire youth to become a part of a solution to the most pressing global issues.


To provide youth with an awareness of and exposure to social entrepreneurship: How to see problems as opportunities

To present a wide spectrum of social challenges, share effective strategies and innovative methods of solving them

To connect the next generation of entrepreneurs, educators, activists, philanthropists, impact investors, and innovators